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1 Shipping FAQ
1.1 Where Can I Find the Full Details About Shipping?

Want to know the scoop on the entire shipping process? Feel free to check out our "Shipping & Returns" page for detailed instructions on how we handle our shipping processes. Still have more questions? Pop by the "Contact Us" page to get in touch with us.

1.2 Will You Be Using Other Shipping Providers in the Future?

As we grow our online presence and continue to develop our e-store, we will be considering other shipping providers to compliment our existing services. We do not have a set time-frame or date for when this will be occurring, however.

1.3 What Shipping Carriers Do You Provide?

Our current shipping provider is FedEx.

1.4 Why Have You Chosen FedEx as a Shipping Provider?

FedEx offers the most universal & accessible service across Canada, as well as the most reasonable shipping rates. We want to save you time & money! We also want to make sure that your items arrive quickly, so we have chosen a courier service as apposed to traditional mail services, like Canada Post.

1.5 I Would Like to Go With A Shipping Provider Other than FedEx. What Do I Need to Do?

Please contact the store directly to arrange shipping with another provider. Additional shipping charges will apply.

1.6 Your Website Says it Ships Via FedEx. My Items Arrived at Canada Post. Why?

If you live in a rural area where FedEx services aren't available, your items will be sent to the next largest carrier's warehouse. This often is Canada Post for rural communities.

2 Ordering FAQ
2.1 I can't find the size or colour I need when trying to order apparel.

For items that have different options available, there will be one or two drop-down bars where you can select your preferred size, colour or style, to the right of the product image. If the drop-down bars are not visible, that particular item may only come in one colour, size or style. If you aren't sure, please feel free to contact us for assistance!

2.2 How do I know if you have something I want in stock, and available to order online?

Here at the shop, we work diligently to get as much of our current inventory online and available for online purchase. Sometimes we miss items, so in this case, feel free to contact us to see if we have an item available.

If you see an item online, but aren't sure if we have it in stock follow the steps below:

After selecting your preferences for an item, you should see in-stock quantities show up at the top of the "Information" box. If it is in red, we are currently out of stock of that particular item. If it shows you a numerical quantity, then you are in luck and we still have that item in stock, and you are free to place your order as normal!

2.3 An item I want is out of stock, what should I do?

If an item is ever out of stock, feel free to contact the shop and we will look into special ordering in that item, or something similar for you.

Please note that certain items are strictly seasonal, and some styles or colours will no longer be available, though we will try our best to get you what you are looking for!

2.4 I saw an item online the other day, and now it is gone, what happened to it?

An item may disappear from our online store for a few different reasons:

  • The item was in our clearance section: If there is an item that was on clearance, we were most likely trying to finish clearing out old stock. Once it has sold, it will no longer appear online, as we are no longer carrying that particular item.
  • The item was from a seasonal collection, and has sold out. For seasonal items, the styles and/or colours change often, and certain items are no longer available for us to order.
  • We needed to make price, description, or other changes to the item page. In this case, check back, we try to be quick to get them back online as soon as possible!
3 Rebranding FAQ
3.1 How will it take for you to update your website with your new name?

We are currently working very hard behind the scenes to get our website caught up with our new rebranding. You might notice a name change here or there. We thank you for your patience while we make the switch.

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